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Swenson John Deere Tractors

Unit #6030-1

6030 John Deere tractor Very nice tractor. Excellent sheet metal. 7017 hours, 2 hydrualics, pto, 20.8x38 radial tires in good condition, runs nice.

Price $18,500

Unit # 5020-1

5020 John Deere tractor

Runs and drives.  Good straight sheet metal.  Has Rockshaft for 3 point hitch but missing arms.   Has pto. 

Price $8,900

Unit #JD3010 orchard     

3010 John Deere Gas Orchard

1 of only 19 made.  Runs and drives.  Decent sheet metal. 

Unit # 3020orc

3020 John Deere orchard Diesel, 3 pt, pto, single hydraulic,low production tractor, runs and drives.

Price $28,500

Unit# 4020-1

1969 4020 standard side console Synchro transmission, factory open station wheatland, 23.1x30 rear tires, rear wheel weights, pto, dual hydraulics, good sheet metal.

Price $19,000

Unit #JD3020HC

1971 3020 John Deere High crop

Very hard to find powershift side console model.   Runs and drives.  Triple hydraulics, 3 pt, pto.  Correct serial number tag. 

Price $35,000

Unit # JD4320-1

John Deere 4320

Runs great, pto, dual hydraulics. 

Price: $15,000

Item #JD6030

Tractor runs out very nice.  Nice sheet metal.  24.5x32 duals (currently off for transport purposes) tires are wore down, no 3 point.  Has pto.  Showing 7100 hours. 

Price: Call!

Unit # JDR1
John Deere R
Straight tractor, 16.9x34 rear tires, pto, hydraulic, good gauges, runs but engine has knock.
Price $3,500

Unit # JD 4010
John Deere 4010 w/ Elwood front assist

Nice tractor.  Excellent rubber all around.  3 point w/ top link, pto. Dual hydraulics. 

Price $18,500

Unit #JD4030
4030 John Deere Gas tractor

Runs and drives.  3 point hitch

Price: $12,500 $10,900


Unit # JD600

John Deere 600 Industrial
This tractor runs, drives, and starts well.  The tin is straight and very thing works as it should.  We used it last week for digging  a trench and it worked very well. 
Price: $12,500  $11,500


Unit # JD440

John Deere 440 Diesel Industrial
This tractor runs and has straight tin.  The loader and backhoe attachments are in good condition as well.
Price: $9,500   $6,500


Unit # JD979
John Deere 700

This is a 700 Industrial.  The 700 is an industrial version of the 5010.  This tractor needs restored.
Price: $5,500  $3,900


Unit #JD700-1
John Deere 700

24.5x32 rear tires, pto, 1 hydraulic, runs and drives. 

Price $7,500


Unit #JD700-2

John Deere 700, pto, 1 hydraulic, 23.5x25 rear tires. 

Price $8,500


Unit #JD063

John Deere 4050 High Crop

This is a very rare correct original tractor.  It starts, runs, and drives well.  It has good high crop components without any welds on them.  The tractor is a quad range transmission, dual hyd, p.t.o, front weights, and four post R.O.P.S.
Price: $35,000 $32,500

Unit #JD4010ind.

4010 John Deere industrial

Diesel engine.  Needs engine work.  3 point hitch.  Rare tractor. 

Price Call!


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