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Unit # IH 856-2

Farmall 856 gas fwa Extremely rare tractor. Factory gas version with a factory Coleman front end. Runs and drives. Decent sheet metal. Flat top fenders. 3 point.

Price $26,500

Item # IH 1468-1

Very nice 1468 with only 2572 hours on it.  3 point, dual pto, 3 hydraulics, 18.4x38s, runs very nice.  Nice sheet metal.  Hard tractor to find.

Price: Call!

Unit 856-1

856 IH wheatland Very nice original tractor, dual pto, dual hydraulic, 18.4x34 tires (like new), has ta, 7314 hours.

Price $9,500

Unit# 1466-1

1466 International wheatland Runs good. This tractor has a rare combination: wide wheatland fenders, factory 3 point, big rice tires. Also has dual pto, ta.

Price $19,500 obo

Unit# 6788

6788 International tractor Hard to find tractor. 3 point delete. Has dual pto. Triple hydraulics. Runs and drives.

Price: $16,900

Unit #1206-3

International 1206 Wheatland Runs and drives, dual pto, dual hydraulics.

Price $9,900

Unit #IH1206-1

Farmall 1206 Has 3 pt with top link, pto, runs but engine has a slight knock to it.

Price $6,500

Item # IH 2856-1

2856 IH industrial tractor Very rare industrial tractor. Runs and drives. Nice straight sheet metal. Good rear 23.1x26 tires.

Price Call!

Unit #IH100-5

100 International hydro tractor with flail mower Nice running diesel hydro tractor. 20.8x38 Goodyear tires in excellent condition. 3 point, pto. Showing 5452 hours. Municipality owned.

Price $13,500

Item # IH 3488

3488 mfwd w/loader

18.4x38 tires in excellent condition.  6369 hours.   Good overall tractor.  3 point hitch, pto, triple hydrualics, 310 Woods Dual loader. 

Price $32,500 w/loader

Will sell loader separate. 

Item # IH1568-1

1568 International

Runs very nice.  Hard to find V8 tractor.  3 point.  T/A, Dual hydraulics.  Decent rear rubber.  New fenders.  

Price $22,500

Unit #4186-1

4186 International Extremely nice original 1 owner tractor, fresh off the farm. Only 2951 hours. pto, 23.1 x 26 tires.

Price $13,750


Item # IH 12561

1256 wheatland

18.4x38 rear tires, dual pto, rear wheel weights, 2 hydraulics, showing 6227 hours. 

Price $9,500

Item # IH 12562

Farmall 1256

Price: Call!

Item # IH 6601

660 International diesel with Elwood front wheel assist.  This is an experimental tractor that was used at the Hinsdale experimental farm.  Very rare.  Early serial number. 

Price $39,000


Item #IH 8264
International 826 gas hydro   

Extremely rare tractor with approx. only 59 of these made.  Only showing 2020 hours, nice shape, 16.9x38 rear tires, 3 pt, pto, 2 hydraulics. 

Price $19,900

Item #IH 14561
International 1456 standard

Runs good, has t/a, 18.4x38s.  Showing 5344 hours. 

 Price call! 

Unit #IH6002
International 600 2nd one made!

sn:502.  Runs and drives, pto, single hydraulic, 18.4x34 rear tires, very nice sheet metal. 

Price $25,000

Item #IH 4156
International 4156 4 wheel drive tractor.

Hard to find.  5662 hours showing, 28.1x26 tires. 

Price $12,500


Item #IH8265
International 826

Runs good.  Very nice sheet metal.  Has T/A, good fenders and platform, dual pto. 

Price call! 

Item #IH12062
Farmall 1206 fwd

Hard to find tractor.  Runs and drives.  3 point hitch. 

Price $23,500

Unit #IH15862
International 1586

Nice tractor.  20.8x38's, 3 pt and pto. 

Price $13,500

Unit #IH810

Farmall 1206

Has rockshaft, dual pto, dual hydraulics.  Good sheet metal.  Runs and drives.  7600 hours, Has t/a. 

Price $9,500

Unit #IH460-1
460 International gas with rare Elwood front wheel assist.

Hard to find tractor.  Missing drive shaft and transfer case.  13.6x38 rear tires, single hydraulic, pto, 2 pt hitch, good guages. 

Price: $9,500

Unit #IH186-7
186 IH hydro fwa industrial
Rare combination of features on this one.  Industrial yellow version, Coleman front end, 24.5x32 rear tires in pretty decent shape.  3 point hitch. 
Price call!

Unit #IH186-6

186 IH hydro mfwd

Has the rare elwood front wheel drive option.  Runs and drives.  Cosmetically nothing special.  Would make a nice restoration project.  Tough one to come by. 

Price $15,000

Unit #IH1004

100 IH Industrial

Runs and drives.  Hydro transmission.  Hard to find tractor with wide fenders.  Has dual pto. 

Price Call!

Unit #IH1946

1946 B Farmall IH

PTO, New Tires


Price $4,900.00

Unit #28063

International 2806 industrial tractor

Hard to find tractor.  Runs and drives.  Has 3 point hitch. 

Price $15,000


Unit # IH826S

IH 826 Standard tractor

Runs and drives nice, nice sheet metal.  Very rare to find a 3 point on one of these standards.  This one is the 26th Standard made, model I826, sn: 7526 

Price Call!

Unit #IH15863

International 1586 mfwd

Runs and drives but front end needs work.  Has 3 point hitch, and hard to find Elwood front end. 

Price:  Call!

Unit # IH9473
International 1026 hydro

This tractor has nice sheet metal, nice guages, 3 point, pto, 18.4x38 rear tires.

Price $9,900

Unit #IH10265

1026 hydro gold demonstrator

Needs hydro work. 

Price: $14,500 $12,500

Unit #IH088

International 1206 Wheatland
This tractor is stuck.  The tin is straight, 23.1-34 rears, dual hyd, and single p.t.o.  This is an earlier tractor with the tag on the oil cooler.
Price: $4,500 $3,900


Unit #IH436

International 650
This tractor runs and starts well.  It has near perfect tin, hard to find hand clutch, hyd, p.t.o, power steering, wheel weights and all the emblems.  This is a nice clean tractor!

Price: $4,900

Unit IH398

International 826 High Crop


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