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Darold Swenson bought his first farm equipment dealership in 1973, in the midst of high grain prices. There was a big demand for 4WD tractors (Versatile) and other farm equipment. In a short period of time he became a busy, aggressive Versatile Short Line Ag dealer in Shelly, Minnesota. The same year he bought a new "Class C" RV and several late model used RV's for his own use and then resold them.  Through out the years and at different locations: Rock Lake ND, Preeceville SK, Minot ND and La Feria TX, we bought and sold farm equipment, heavy trucks, construction equipment, and L4 Gleaner combines (Manufactured in Mexico) through out the upper Midwest, Western Canada and Mexico. Darold's own personal interest and enjoyment of RV's and RV travel mixed with buying and selling trips always included the RV mode of travel.

In the mid 90's several interesting Diesel Pusher RV trades involving farmers retiring and trading off farm equipment on their RV's and collector tractors made a lot of sense to everyone involved.  Towards the end of the nineties we decided to take on a major franchise:  Holiday Rambler and the RV business just mushroomed from there.  It was during the early years as a Versatile dealer that many early trades, such as 100 G100 &D100 Versatiles, Olivers, Molines, and older 4WD’s were taken on trade, but almost immediately sold only to realize in later years that these tractors were unique and if to do over, he would have kept them.

As the years have gone by, Darold's two sons Matt and Nathan and some key employees have made Swenson RV a familiar name in RV circles throughout the US and Western Canada with stores located in Minot (RV’s, farm equipment, collector tractors and an RV Park) and La Feria TX (RV’s & Park homes).

Now all of a sudden the Swenson interest in older tractors, especially early 4WD models, has become one of the better collections in the country.  We keep three full time experience mechanics/painters at work year round.  This collection has drawn interest from collectors and tour groups from England and numerous other countries.

Every year there are farmers & contractors retiring and trading off their entire line of equipment or certain pieces of equipment, or collector tractors.  We have taken as many as 27 units on trade for a high end motor home; in many cases writing checks as the equipment or collection had more value than the RV.  Any farmer or contractor thinking of retiring should contact us at Swenson RV for a possible trade, making it beneficial for both parties.

Swenson's are dealers for Holiday Rambler, Gulf Stream, Keystone RV, Forest River and Crossroads.  Our Texas dealership also carries the same lines plus the following Park model brands:  Cavco, Kropf and Tranquility.  We recently have become a dealer in Minot for Alumacraft and Hewescraft boats.

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